Thursday Throwback to early 2008 in Toronto on tour with Fleet Foxes as our opener (?!). You can see a longhaired Robin in the back there.



It’s live! Thirsty Man digital maxi-single drops right now on all your favorite digital outlets featuring two unreleased tracks from the VII sessions. Get it on iTunes here.


It’s Cyber Marty Monday. He says: Oh hey, buy our new record. blitzentrapper.net/records/vii


Last chance to slow dance with us this year, Portland. Some tickets are still available here.

Wilco, Guster and Furthur Members to Recreate 'The Last Waltz'

Our fearless frontman Eric will be joining this amazing cast next week. Check it out if you’re in the Northeast.


Hollywood. #dayoff #norain #pdxmusic #tour #palmtree

"Thirsty Man" live on 89.3 The Current in Minneapolis - one of the greatest radio stations in the country.

Don’t Be a Stranger track commentary from Eric.

Press Play - Interactive Feature - NYTimes.com

Whoa! The NY Times is streaming our new record. Listen!