future tour

mk about 10 years ago

Is BT going to be laying low for awhile after this tour??? or will they be hitting the road again shortly???

Trapper Team
Matt about 10 years ago

BT will be heading out again in early spring of '09. A couple months of down time, but right back out after that!

madhatter1o6 about 10 years ago

Hopefully it'll include a 4 night headlining run in Chapel Hill, NC at the Local 506. One can dream right? I could go for at least a stop at that venue.

ALady about 10 years ago

Think they'll play SXSW again this year?

Trapper Team
Matt about 10 years ago

At this point they're not planning on doing SXSW this year. I'm sure they'll be back in Austin before too long though.

madhatter1o6 about 10 years ago

Can I change my request to some headlining shows at the Cat's Cradle? Apparently the secret is out......

blallen almost 10 years ago

I'll give another vote for a night at Cat's Cradle. Think they can squeeze it in when they pass through NC??

indytriple almost 10 years ago

Would love to see an Indianapolis show this year. Downtown at the White River Gardens or in Broad Ripple at The Vogue would be great.

wendybyrdm almost 10 years ago

any plans to come down to San Diego? Please!!!

conman almost 10 years ago

Hey Matt,

You on the road with the boys? We gonna see ya at the Mercy Lounge tomorrow nite? I would love to talk BT with ya.

Hope so.

P.S. - a 30min Easy Con jam never hurt anybody!!

Trapper Team
Matt almost 10 years ago

Sadly, I'm not out with the dudes this time. Have fun though, and totally agreed on the Easy Con jam. :)

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