New Project?

I saw the Instagram post for the new project. Will this project eventually be heading out on the road for live performances? How soon will we see a new album? I'm excited to hear about any new projects. I'll be at The Stateroom in SLC. Just let us know if you all are coming to town.

Here's the link in case anyone doesn't see it on the tweet sidebar (I didn't until going to BT's twitter on desktop).

I am blown away by the new song.  It's so fun immediately knowing that I will enjoy this song for a long, long time.  
I look forward to hearing this exclusive cd on Spotify shortly 😄
Goodness gracious what I would shell out for that Vinyl. Afraid I won't be able to make a Portland show from down here in Texas. New song sounds terrific.
Really looking forward to seeing this...especially after hearing the new tune "Love Live On". I am making the cross-country trek from Philadelphia to Portland to catch the March 29th show. Gotta get my hands on a copy of the soundtrack! 

To any Portland locals on here...any suggestions on other can't-miss things to do/see while in town? 
I'll trade you some suggestions and my world-famous snickerdoodles for a copy of that soundtrack, yo.

In Portland, check out Powell's City of Books (fair warning: this could be your entire visit budget) and Salt and Straw Ice cream.  And there are so many beautiful places all around.  I fell in love with Nehalem/Manzanita beach area, and there are much many waterfalls in the gorge area.  

There's also a charming local bistro I've seen, that some have called the "King of Burgers."  I can't remember the name, but you get a paper crown and thus become the aforementioned "King of Burgers."

Happy traveling, fellow pilgrim!
Papastevies - I'm coming all the way from Boston to see this. Looking forward to Powell's too!