Presale Test

mistercharlie over 1 year ago
Hey guys,
What's the "Presale Test" that's for sale in the webstore? Is it the new album? I hope so since I just placed an order for it. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a signed copy of the new album.
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junglelove over 1 year ago
I can only assume the new album has the snappy title of "Presale Test" - and is available on a white label pressing.

mistercharlie over 1 year ago
Well, now there real album is up for pre-sale and based off the order number for the 'Test' and my order number for the album, I think I was one of the first five people to order it. Signed and Pink, just how I like my vinyl!
papastevsie over 1 year ago
Pre-ordered the vinyl. Hope I made the cut for the pink! Can't wait for this. New BT record season is my favorite time of year.
junglelove over 1 year ago
Kevidently about 1 year ago
Well, we've been in the 70s for awhile. Why not the 80s?
junglelove about 1 year ago
Sure - but what was wrong with the Def Leppard font ? 🤷🏻‍♂️
junglelove about 1 year ago
In case you missed it , 2 tracks are available to download, stream..

Also Spotify - but they pay peanuts.
mistercharlie about 1 year ago
The new album landed on my doorstep today. And it's great! Pink-Swirled vinyl, and autographed by the band. I am one happy camper!
junglelove about 1 year ago

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