Wish List


How about a 30 min Easy Con dance party at the Mercy Lounge when you fellas play Nashville in March? I love that Middle Eastern funk!

Trapper Team

Haha, I'd definitely watch that. Sounds like good times!


I do have a few wishes for this tour.

One would be for the band to shake up the setlist a little bit, reintroduce some older songs that more hardcore fans would enjoy hearing. I'm thinking Whiskey Kisser, Texaco, Cracker Went Down, Lux & Royal Shopper, Asleep For Days, Moving Minors Over Country Lines, stuff like that. If anything, they could at least break them out for the Chicago date.:)

T-shirts that are actually in my size (XL). I want to say both times I've seen them all the shirts they had were small, but for sure the last Chicago date was like this. I want to wear this band, so to speak, and had to resort to making a hat out of the free patch that came with pre-ordering Furr (looks awesome).

Vinyl Furr to buy. Had it last tour, couldn't pick it up. Will definitely this time.

Posters, or maybe even EP4! Though I know we have been spoiled with non-album tracks lately, would always like more.:)

Most importantly, just looking for them to rock. Very much looking forward to seeing them at the Empty Bottle, that is going to be great!