Jul 25


Mr. Small's Theatre

Pittsburgh, PA
w/ Sarah Jaffe
Tiny OCDBT4ME almost 6 years ago

Outstanding!!  I love this venue!!  Thanks for adding a Pittsburgh show, guys!!

Tiny OCDBT4ME almost 6 years ago

What an incredible experience last night's show was!  Thank you, guys, for bringing such joy to my life and for being such humble, sweet anomalies in the world of rock 'n roll!  Safe journeys!



Tiny Jamieson almost 6 years ago

great venue, sound was awesome, and the heavy playing pleased the rocker chic in me :)  here's a set list to the best of my recollection:


hey joe

not your lover 

sleepytime in western world

saturday nite


wild mountain nation

love the way you walk away

taking it easy too long

lady on the water

god and suicide


black river killer

*at some point around here, the songs took a nasty, dirty, aggresive turn in the best way possible


fire & fast bullets

street fighting sun (with major jam continuing at the end)

miss spiritual tramp

gold for bread


devil's a-go-go

can't recall the whole encore but i know that eric came out to play the man who would speak true.  perhaps OCDBT4ME can help fill in the blanks.


Tiny OCDBT4ME almost 6 years ago



Tiny OCDBT4ME almost 6 years ago

I vividly recall 'Might Find it Cheap' as part of the encore, too. :)

And I loved how that 'nasty, dirty, aggressive turn' morphed the gently swaying hippies into foot stompin', fist pumpin' revelers! 

I've seen a ton of live bands in the past several decades, but I have never seen anyone strum their guitar as forcefully and 'crisply' as Eric Earley.  One second he's cradling the mic with both hands, singing sweetly, and then he leans back on one foot...and with precision timing... BAM! -- he crunches the shit out of those strings! It's ballistic!!