Oct 05


Lee's Palace

Toronto, Canada
w/ Phox
Tiny Jamieson almost 5 years ago


Tiny OCDBT4ME almost 5 years ago

Immediately thought of you, Jamie, when I saw this gig.  If no Cleveland or Pittsburgh shows are added, I'll be making a trek north to see the boys on your turf. :)

Tiny Jamieson over 4 years ago

1. Might find it cheap

2. Fletcher

3. Evening star

4. Shine on

5. Thirsty man

6. God & suicide

7. Country caravan 

8. Black river killer

9. Don't be a stranger

10. Earth (fever called love)

11. Neck tatts cadillacs

12. Sleepytime

13. Wild mountain nation

14. Miss spiritual tramp

15. Love the way

16. Valley of death

17. Furr

18. Fire & fast bullets

19. Big black bird


ummm it happened and i know it was good but in a slightly altered state i cannot recall the songs.  sorry folks!