Jun 12


Grog Shop

Cleveland, OH
w/ Quiet Life
  1. Rock and Roll Was Made For You
  2. Sleepytime in the Western World
  3. Sadie
  4. Fletcher
  5. Love Grow Cold
  6. Not Your Lover
  7. Even If You Don't
  8. Taking It Easy Too Long
  9. Love The Way You Walk Away
  10. Silver Moon
  11. Furr
  12. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
  13. Summer Rain
  14. Cinnamon Girl
  15. Thirsty Man
  16. All Across This Land
  17. Encore
  18. Helplessly Hoping
  19. Black River Killer
  20. Shine On
Tiny OCDBT4ME about 2 years ago
Highlights: Thirsty Man guitar solos, Brian beating the shit out of his drums (even with an injured arm), MVP bustin' a move while killing it on the bass, and Marty, casually introducing me to Nate, the sound engineer: "This is Tina...our stalker." ❤️
Tiny Swahoogie about 2 years ago
Nice set!  Really hoping to hear Sleepytime and Sadie on Sunday in NY at Garcia's   Thanks for posting!
Tiny OCDBT4ME about 2 years ago
You're welcome! My heart nearly burst when I saw those two songs on the setlist! And Helplessly Hoping gave me goosebumps-- so beautiful!