Sep 25


The Blind Pig

Ann Arbor, MI
  1. Stranger In A Strange Land
  2. No Place To Fall (TVZ cover)
  3. Even If You Don't
  4. Furr
  5. Across The River
  6. Texaco
  7. Look at Miss Ohio
  8. Unknown Legend
  9. Nights Were Made For Love
  10. Grunge Medley (Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, Today, About a Girl, Black Hole Sun)
  11. Alameda
  12. Black River Killer
  13. Below The Hurricane
  14. Love The Way You Walk Away
  15. Fletcher
  16. I am a Lonesome Hobo
  17. Encore
  18. Heaven and Earth
  19. After the Gold Rush
  20. Love Grow Cold
  21. Lonesome Angel
  22. Silver Moon
Btdefault Kzoofurr over 1 year ago
Made the trip from KZOO. Really enjoyed the show. Never disappoint. Anyone have the full setlist? Unfortunately had to leave a bit early. The 90's medley was badass.The format of the show was great. Thoroughly enjoyed the anecdotes. Kalamazoo is waiting for the Trappers! 
Btdefault A2_BT_fan over 1 year ago
I didn't have to travel so far - first time they came to Ann Arbor since I knew the band, but I learned that they actually were at the Blind Pig way, way back, touring with David Vandervelde.  It was a really, really great show - I fully concur about both the format & the anecdotes - interesting background and made the music even that much more enjoyable!

I got a picture of the setlist that Michael handed to the guys in the front row, and posted it above...also, I tried to reconstruct the set list via Spotify playlist, here:

A few caveats:

Everything through the Lonesome Hobo is exactly as the setlist listed it.  However, I recalled them playing additional songs, not necessarily all as part of the encore, that may have been interspersed in there - but I put them all in the Encore section, after the Lonesome Hobo.  Plus, I've listened to so much BT in these last few days, that it's possible the playlist is plus or minus a track or two from the show.  I was least confident that they played Stolen Shoes & a Rifle, so I left that off the list above (there were only 5 spots available in the Encore section).

Also, since they weren't on Spotify, I had to include other artists' covers of the Neil Young songs.  

Lastly, the songs from Pearl Jam through Soundgarden were all in a "Grunge Medley," which was, I agree, outstanding.