Artwork for Garmonbozia Records

Kevidently almost 5 years ago

Here's a real shot in the dark: I'm working on the Blitzen Trapper Wikipedia page, and I'm just putting the finishing touches on the Garmonbozia days.  I'm going to be launching new connective pages for each album that list out the tracks.  I'd LOVE to be able to put album cover art for each of the records, but I know that was all homemade and distributed only at Portland concerts over a decade ago.  But SOMEONE'S gotta have that stuff kicking around, right?  If this is you, let me know!

dvp almost 5 years ago

I have them. Where should I send them?

OCDBT4ME almost 5 years ago

And this is why I love this forum. 💕

Nice work, guys!

Kevidently almost 5 years ago

Whoa!  Find me on kevbot217 at gmail

Thank you!!!

Kevidently over 4 years ago

Just a bump up from me to DVP!  

dvp over 4 years ago

Sorry, having trouble with my scanner. Promise to get it to you soon.

Kevidently over 4 years ago

Got the ones you sent!  Thank you so much!

Potatobanjo over 4 years ago

Any reason they can't be posted here?

painscough over 2 years ago
I know this thread is old but is there a way I can get ahold of the Garmonbozia artwork somehow? 

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