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J Lurve 7/20/20
Interesting direction for the new album from the songs released so far - a little bit folk, a little bit Destroyer of the Void, sounds very chilled , laid back - maybe a bit “lockdown” ?

or am I imagining it ?
J Lurve 9/4/20
Am I the last of the posthicans?

New album sounds very stripped back .
Comet 9/18/20
Very excited for the album, love the singles so far. Getting DOTV mixed with Field Rexx vibes and a bit of Petty on those Hazy Morning acoustic guitars. Can’t wait to hear the full thing. 
munkymufin1 9/25/20
My GOODNESS, I am loving this record.  Start to finish, it is an experience and a gift.

And yesterday was my birthday, so this really did feel like a gift. 
J Lurve 9/26/20
Maybe it’s a grower - feels like an Eric solo album. Minimalist sound and texture.

Maybe they’ve saved the bar room rockers for the next album ?
mr. faded glory 10/3/20
It's been a minute since I have posted here. Had to create a new account. I am enjoying this new record. As always the details in the story telling are excellent. I also like the jazzy moments. Violin and horns are fun and unexpected. I do miss the slashing guitar fills. And I am still hoping for an album that lets Brian loose on the drum kit, such a monster live. That said this album is a great addition to the B.T. canon and my collection. jers
techrq 10/5/20
I agree with j-lurve. I realize that BT albums are mostly Eric solo efforts but this one stands apart. I’m enjoying it but I wouldn’t rank it anywhere near the top of their discography. Either way it’s always fantastic to get a new release from these guys. 
Comet 10/6/20
Loving this album so much, definitely a quick grower and a top 5 Trapper album for me. Has a weird spook to it. 
Don’t have my physical copy yet (on its way across the Atlantic I hope) so haven’t checked out the credits... IS this a solo album? Feels like it. Will he interesting to see how it plays live once the guys a free to get together and tour.
J Lurve 10/14/20
My least favourite BT album.


Hope the next one rocks.
FieldGuide 11 days ago
Love the new album.  Just like every BT album, you find more and more to appreciate with each listen.  
Music Saves 4 days ago
The album is great and I love that it exists. :)  I will always want more Blitzen Trapper songs in my life, archival and new!

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