Blitzen Trapper

November 25, 2003 LidKerCow Ltd.

The first Blitzen Trapper album had an initial limited release in late 2003, surprising local critics with its confident mix of musical styles and ambitious songwriting, and powering the group into the venerable Willamette Week’s Top 10 New Portland Bands of 2004. Chock-full of hooks and references to guns, the debut veers from stadium rock to Haight-Ashbury to dank lounge to trailer park rave-up to gas station balladry with devious glee. The only Blitzen Trapper work to have been recorded largely in a proper studio, the making of this album so ruined the band financially that the members were reduced to conditions of complete squalor for many years afterwards, out of which straits came the gloriously ramshackle follow-up, Field Rexx.

  1. The All-Girl Team
  2. Cunning Revolution
  3. Appletrees
  4. Reno
  5. Whiskey Kisser
  6. Triggafinga
  7. Ansel & Emily Desader
  8. Cracker Went Down
  9. Christmas is Coming Soon
  10. Donkie Boy
  11. Texaco