Field Rexx

February 18, 2005 LidKerCow Ltd.

A classic DIY release, Field Rexx was made in the sweltering summer of 2004 with no budget amidst the hiss of flies and tape. “Recorded,” according to the liner notes, “at the carny shack, fer shook n timsel on Duke’s shoot-o-matic for tisks & soda & that ol’ broke 4-track what 3-fingrd mike poured old English on and lit on fire,” Rexx’s warped eclectic pop Americana proves that great songs and performances can transcend squalor and bad album art. Features archival material of the original Trapper, James Earley, performing snippets of traditional hillbilly tunes.

  1. James & Larry Earley (1982)
  2. Lux & Royal Shopper
  3. Love I Exclaim!
  4. Summer Twin
  5. Cold Gold Diamond
  6. Concrete Heaven
  7. 40 Stripes
  8. Asleep For Days
  9. Dreamers & Giants
  10. Turkey in the Straw (James 1982)
  11. Dirty Pearls
  12. Leopard's Will To Live
  13. Country Rain
  14. Moving Minors Over County Lines
  15. Love (reprise featuring Pookie & 2TanClan)